Company History

AdSharp was founded in 1999 by Bill Francisco as a full-service design agency. I joined the team in 2006 as a graphic designer, creating websites, logos, flyers and directories for notable clients, including the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce, Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training and Rotary Honeymoon Nature Center. During my three years at AdSharp, I continued to strengthen my skillset centered around building dynamic, responsive websites, specifically WordPress platforms.

In 2009, I went to work at Tampa Bay Business Journal. I felt very fortunate to have found such a great company to work for. They appreciated what I could bring to the table with my creativity and work ethic of meeting weekly deadlines with the newspaper in an on-the-fly environment. What I liked most about the job was being able to work with all departments including Editorial, Advertising and Events. I was also able to expand my skills and help engage the online audience by creating event micro-sites, eventually training other staff and markets on how to create them.

In 2012, Bill wanted to retire and sell AdSharp. It was important to Bill to sell it to someone with the best interest in growing the company. He asked me to take over the company, as my talent, work ethic and friendly personality would make for a seamless transition.

I am honored to build upon the business that Bill created. And, I am so fortunate with the amazing opportunity to partner with current and potential clients.

OK, Enough History…

Let’s Start Something new