WEb design

You want your website to stand out from your competition. You also want it to be responsive on all digital platforms. Most importantly, you want it to accomplish your main objective–getting your prospects to take the next step. 

AdSharp offers the expertise necessary to do all the above. I utilize WordPress, the number-one content management system. By doing so, your website is easier to navigate for your site visitors and for your site updates. I also offer continuing services to ensure my clients’ sites stay optimized for the greatest return on investment.

web Hosting Solutions

If you are tired of being transferred to one person after another, or even worse, being a high number in the queue, I provide a more personal, hands-on approach. As a complement to my web design services, I also offer website hosting. 

When you host your business website with AdSharp, you receive minimal website downtime, complete backups with every major update; updated core and plugin files as needed to maintain performance; and an SSL certificate to help secure your site. 

one-on-one WordPress Training

Congratulations! You have a brand new, beautiful website. Now what?

The beauty of WordPress is its ease of maintaining your website. However, there will be times you need assistance with plug-ins or updates. Even if you are well-versed in WordPress, you may need a brush-up of your skills. I am here to work with you to assist with updates, content additions and more. Hourly rates apply.