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Event branding is the process of creating a visual identity for your event and applying it across all marketing materials, including signage, website design, social media content and more. It’s about making sure that everything from the moment attendees register to what they see at the venue reinforces your brand message.

The right event branding can make or break an event experience for attendees. A cohesive brand strategy will help them remember not just what they learned but also who they met and where they were when it happened. And with so many events happening every day in every industry, it’s important to stand out from the crowd if you want people to come back again next year.

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Event Logo Design, Event Program and Screen Presentation

It was a pleasure working on this event for the 4th year with Alyssa Rhoads, owner of Eventing Tampa Bay and founder of this nonprofit event. Being one of the best event planners in Tampa Bay, this event sold out within 48 hours!

The goal of the design for the logo and other marketing materials for this event was to create something feminine, elegant and beautiful. Please take a look at the photos below from this year’s event.

Event Website Design

AdSharp specializes in designing and building beautiful, easy-to-use websites for events. With our help, you can attract more attendees and sponsors with a simple one-page website that is attractive and informative. Some features we can include are important event information (or notices), countdown timer, a gallery of previous events, FAQs section and links to ticket purchasing. You’ll be able to get your event sold out in no time!